VDI software for management of digital identities and authorizations (IAM)

Centralize and monitor user account and authorization management

Avencis Hpliance - Centralize and monitor user accounts and access privileges

Avencis Hpliance – Centralize and secure the management of digital identities and access privileges


Strengthen access security

Consolidated view of the automatic or discretionary authorization rules providing more consistency and therefore a higher level of security


Process optimization

Automation of user account management to make management of users and access control more effective and straightforward


Compliance improvement

Through auditing of operations related to the assignment of access privileges allowing you to comply with governing regulations

With an intuitive handling, Avencis Hpliance is, once the base implemented, particularly easy to use and has been quickly adopted by users. The software is also scalable, without additional costs.

Lahid LECHEKHAB - IT Director - Mulhouse Functional Rehabilitation Center
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Consolidation of existing repositories

Avencis Hpliance automatically builds the digital identities of people from your existing repositories and manages their access privileges


Dynamic contextual rights management model

Avencis Hpliance relies on the OrBAC – Organization Based Access Control model and defines contextual rules permitting the definition of rights and permissions


Access privilege management

By defining automatic or discretionary access privilege rules, Avencis Hpliance responds to the constraints of access control management

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