Identity management SSO and access security

Make application access simple and secure

Avencis SSOX – Strengthen the security of connections while simplifying application access for users

Avencis SSOX, a solution offered under the France Cybersecurity brand, is a robust integrated access and monitoring solution (SSO) which guarantees the security of connections while also improving user experience


Increase the security level

Strengthen application password policies with a digital strong box while simplifying users’ lives


Simplify and standardize access

Simplified application access through a single interface, avoiding the need for users to use multiple user IDs and passwords


PSSI compliance

Complete real-time tracking of user access and behavior which can be summarized in personalizable reports

Avencis SSOX solution makes it possible to secure access to more than 45 applications, but also to pay for the dining room and trigger printing on multifunction copiers. It has also become a means of quick authentication on touch devices giving access to the patient records in the room.

Francis BREUILLE - CIO - Central Hospital of Saint-Lô and Coutances
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SSO Authentication

Avencis SSOX automates user connections from any type of devices and for any type of application without needing to log in again thanks to SSO functionality (Single Sign-On)


Reinforcement of primary authentication

Avencis SSOX offers multi-factor authentication features supporting multiple authentication methods (card, biometric, NFC, etc.) and integrating an OTP module


Grouping of identities

This feature permits user authentication to third parties and guarantees simple, secure interactions between companies

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