Authentication and access security with SSO solution

Make application access simple and secure

Discover the main features of Avencis SSOX

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SSO Authentication

Avencis SSOX automates user connections from any type of device, whether controlled or not, and for any type of application. Thanks to SSO features (Single Sign-On), users don’t have to reauthenticate.


More robust primary authentication

Avencis SSOX offers multi-factor authentication features supporting multiple authentication methods (card, biometric, NFC, etc.) and includes an OTP module strengthening remote access.


Identity aggregation

Avencis SSOX offers features that enable delegating user authentication to third parties and guaranteeing simple and secure interactions between companies.



Password safe

Avencis SSOX natively integrates a password safe, a true digital bunker permitting the storage of all logins and passwords and to manage the life cycle of passwords as well as their complexity.

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Tracking of every access

Avencis SSOX guarantees compliance with regulations and PSSI by collecting all user and administrator actions in real time and summarizing this information in personalized reports.



In order to improve the user experience, the solution offers alternative access which is secure and audited, in case of forgetting or loss of the physical element which permits authentication.

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