Security of administrator desktops

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IPdiva Cleanroom - A fully dedicated, sealed and controlled administrator desktop

The cleanroom principle combine the performance capabilities and the agility inherent in VDI, with the security provided by privileged-user monitoring mechanisms, to meet the growing security requirements of administrator desktops


Aseptic guarantee

An environment dedicated to the critical tasks of the administrator, separated from his usual environment and renewed for each connection


Identification of suspicious behaviour in real time

Detailed analysis of administrators behavior in real-time in addition to alerts and  preventive actions to automatically stop the malicious user


Avoids the dangers inherent in staff turnover

The access to protected resources is achieved using authentication procedures, the password for which is never disclosed to the administrator, increasing the security level

How to secure IT administrators’ desktops?

The Information Systems Security is based mainly on its weakest link, which is also the essential element: the human.

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Sterile Desktop

IPdiva Cleanroom allows for a fully sealed virtualized desktop with advanced features to reinforce security


Recyclable desktop

IPdiva Cleanroom offers dynamic VDI clone lifecycle management features, allowing for  provision of administrator desktops on the fly


Real-time monitoring

IPdiva Cleanroom allows video recording of administrator sessions with a  live streaming feature for real-time viewing and  interpretation of administrator behavior

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