Security of administrator desktops

Discover innovative features to meet the growing security requirements of administrator desktops

Discover the main features of IPdiva Cleanroom


Sterile Desktop

IPdiva Cleanroom allows for a fully sealed virtualized desktop with advanced features to reinforce security


Recyclable desktop

IPdiva Cleanroom offers dynamic VDI clone lifecycle management features, allowing to provision administrator desktops on the fly


Real-time monitoring

IPdiva Cleanroom allows video recording of administrator sessions with a live streaming feature for real-time viewing and interpretation of administrator behaviour


Alerts and preventive action configuration

IPdiva Cleanroom enables alerts when a privileged user performs an action identified as a potential threat .Security configurations can be set  to automatically stop a malicious administrator


More robust password policy

IPdiva Cleanroom integrates the Avencis SSOX password safe, allowing the storage and password lifecycle management for the access to the administrator resources


Secured mobility

IPdiva Cleanroom provides secure access for mobile administrators or third-party  interventions, by implementing the engine  of IPdiva Secure, which is the only ANSSI-approved solution in the technical field of “Identification, Authentication and Access Control”

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