VPN SSL : protection, monitoring and traceability of remote access

The only solution recommended by ANSSI* for the identification, authentication and monitoring of remote access to applications and data

*ANSSI is the French national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS)

IPdiva Secure - Protect, monitor and track remote access to your applications and data

IPdiva Secure is a cybersecurity solution that provides secure remote access to corporate applications, data and networks for all types of users. Remote workers or mobile users can connect simply and securely from anywhere, on any device via a web browser


Compliance with ANSSI directives

IPdiva Secure, the only solution qualified by ANSSI for the identification, authentication and monitoring of access to IT systems, ensures compliance with ANSSI external access security directives


Resistance to sophisticated attacks

CSPN certification offered by ANSSI ensures a high level of software security in compliance with the most advanced test standards


Secure remote access without opening any ports

With a single access based on an outgoing communication only, IPdiva Secure enables you to provide remote access to your corporate resources without opening any ports to the internal network

Protect, monitor and track remote access to your applications and data with IPdiva Secure

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Access to corporate IT resources in VPN SSL mode

IPdiva Secure guarantees on-demand selective access to internal company resources, from anywhere and for all types of systems, using only a web browser or an agent installed on the device


centre sécurité

A Security Center module

Since the primary risk for a security product is misuse, IPdiva Secure is by default installed with the best practical security measures in place and includes a Security Center that allows administrators to verify compliance with best practices at a glance, highlighting any disparity


Robust authentication via OTP

IPdiva Secure offers robust authentication features, especially for applications hosted in the Cloud. This authentication enhancement is done with an OTP token (One Time Password), available via SMS text message or email and allowing you to ensure that the user who presented the login credentials  is actually the recipient of the OTP token

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