Simplifying mobility, teleworking, outsourcing

Simplify teleworking

Every user must have access to his or her work environment regardless of whether he or she is at the office, on the move, at home, mobile within his or her organization or outsourcing. This remote work must also be made possible regardless of the device used, whether it is a fixed workstation, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Virtualizing applications and desktops promotes employee mobility, inside or outside organizations, and ensures immediate access to work environments, with the same user experience in terms of ergonomics and performance.

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Have the same working environment wherever you are

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Immediate access to business applications

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Simplified workstation management for the IT department

Our solution to answer your problem:

Immediate access to your virtual desktop and all your applications, on premise or cloud.

Secure teleworking, mobility and outsourcing

Teleworking, employee mobility and outsourcing are increasingly used within companies and organizations adopting new IT access practices. An employee working from home, on the move or an outsourcer will have to handle sensitive data from outside. It is therefore the organization duty to provide adequate protection to these remote employees, by allowing controlled external access to internal resources of an IS for any type of user from an uncontrolled workstation.

Confirm the compliance of uncontrolled workstations

Secure external access to the IS

Facilitate the management of remote users

Our solution to answer your problem:

The high-security access portal to all your applications, on premise or cloud.