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Ensuring real-time access to your applications with AppliDis Booster

AppliDis Fusion 5 is the first solution to implement Machine Learning technologies to bring comfort to the user, while making the management easier for the IT team. Based on an algorithm that studies users' uses to predict their behaviors, AppliDis Booster is an exclusive feature that allows you to ensure real-time access to applications.

AppliDis BoxOnAir makes mobility productive for your organization

AppliDis Fusion 5 offers a new approach to mobility in order to make it productive for organisations. AppliDis BoxOnAir’s unique functionality meets the need for mobility and multi-device access, making it easy for users who are working out of office to access their workspace without compromising security.

Nutanix & Systancia: integration of Nutanix Acropolis with AppliDis Fusion

Systancia was the first and only Nutanix partner to fully integrate the control of Acropolis. This means AppliDis Fusion 5 not only controls the VDI machines, it is also capable of provisioning these machines using the Acropolis hypervisor..

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