About Systancia

About Systancia

The publisher who does not forget the person in digital technology

Who are we?

Systancia is a European provider of certified and recognized application virtualization and cybersecurity solutions. We believe that behind every workstation there is a person who deserves to be in full control and confidence. With ingenuity, we innovate to meet the human challenges of the digital experience.

About Systancia : The only publisher to cover the entire spectrum of the chain of trust

By providing the entire end-to-end chain of trust, Systancia allows users to access all their applications efficiently and securely from their work environment, whatever it may be.
Systancia’s combined virtualization and cybersecurity solution, a hybrid offer (consisting of software products and Cloud services), gives everyone a single window to access their entire field of applicationsleaving no application behind, and thus providing medium to large public or private organizations the best compromise between ease-of-use and business development on the one hand, and risk and compliance control on the other hand, without compromising the customer and user experience.

Commitment to the success of our 500 customers

An ecosystem of technological and business partners

Award-winning and certified technological products

Concrete application of artificial intelligence

Profitable and constant growth

Active member of well-known associations in the field of cybersecurity

They trust us