Petit Forestier, the European leader in refrigeration logistics rental, initially chose Citrix for a desktop and application virtualization project, but the solution was considered to be too expensive and complex. The group looked for an alternative for its 2,000 workstations spread over 237 sites in France and Europe.

One of the main French commercial ports, identified as an OVI by the State, has chosen the IPdiva Secure solution for securing access to IS resources. It was the only solution that would allow this commercial port to secure its employees’ access to the information system, in full compliance with its regulatory obligations.

An airport group in a major French metropolitan area has chosen to use Systancia Cleanroom to secure the workstations of its administrators, both internal and external. Systancia Cleanroom has been deployed on 150 accounts defined to manage over 500 resources, while raising the level of security required by the organization’s sensitive nature, which is subject to numerous security regulations.

A company specializing in daily consumer goods, regularly using outsourcing services, wanted to have full control on access credentials to certain sensitive resources. The deployment of Systancia Cleanroom has thus allowed to ensure that these credentials are no longer known by administrators, external and internal. In this way, the security level has increased and the management of employee turnover has become easier.

The challenge for the SCNF was to secure their employees’ access to their information system applications: with the volume of employees and applications involved, it had become more complex for them to control “who has access to what”. They therefore chose the combination of Systancia and Brainwave to provide them, by 2020, with a global solution, from governance to end-to-end identity and authorization management, as well as improving the process of staff movement, and therefore organizational agility.

A government entity operating under the supervision of one of the largest French ministries and exchanging a multitude of confidential information with various agencies, organizations or industries, decides to deploy a solution that allows highly secure exchanges while limiting configuration and use constraints. As part of this project, Systancia Gate allowed to guarantee private extranet access to applications, providing both security and ergonomics.

"Systancia Gate allowed us to implement teleworking very quickly for our employees who appreciate the ease of use of this product. Our IS division was convinced by the security of this ZTNA solution. We avoid the pitfalls of the VPN by giving our remote maintainers limited access to selected IS resources. This was not possible with our previous solution."

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Virginie Debar
Systems Engineer

"AppliDis Fusion, now Systancia Workplace, allows us to provide access to applications both internally and externally via a web portal and with minimal impact on the client workstation, which has enabled us to deploy business applications on personal workstations".

Victorien Lazarus
Technical Service Manager

"AppliDis, now Systancia Workplace, is a highly operational and easy-to-access tool that enables large-scale virtualization projects to be deployed. We are very satisfied with our choice and with the professionalism of the Systancia teams, who were able to support us throughout the process".

Jean-Pierre Guillin
IT Director

"Unquestionably, Systancia offers a quality of service and ease of use that we did not always have with our previous provider, particularly in management, processing impressions and responsiveness."

Download the complete success story in PDF format
Ercole Gallaccio
IT Director

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