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CHM of Saint-Lô
Public Health

Centre Hospitalier Mémorial France États-Unis de Saint-Lô

We needed an identity management solution that would allow us to automatically provision all our business applications and take into account the most demanding identity management constraints. This is what Avencis Hpliance allows us to do, without any further development, thus promoting a real agility.

Francis Breuille - CIO and Lead Director of the Women-Children's Surgery Division


Systancia’s solution offers all the classic features of bastion hosts, which are always more or less the same. The difference, however, is precisely the Cleanroom element - the only solution that solves the usurpation of administration rights issue.

Yann Renaud - Head of Cross-functional Projects, Architecture and IT Security
Public Health

Val d’Ariège Central Hospital

The simplicity of AppliDis, the software publisher references in the field of health as well as the price and the very structured response of the integrator, convinced us of the choice of the solution.

Aurélien Caumette - Manager of IT system
Public Health

Central Hospital of Soissons

Thanks to Systancia we could modernise and optimise the management of our fleet. This way we allow the medical personnel and administrative services easier access to their business applications.

Jean-François Romanowski - Back Office Manager
Public Health

University hospital of Rouen

Systancia brings a real advantage for hospitals wishing to deploy workstations with limited resources. Simply install the terminals and make some settings.

Pierre-Jean Candat - IT Director
Public Health

University hospital of Nancy

The AppliDis Fusion solution is robust in the sense that all the high availability mechanisms are considered and are part of the basic infrastructure.

Béatrice Bérard - System Manager and Project Leader of the management of identities
Public Education Local authorities

Departmental Council of Lozère

The simplicity of use and ownership of the AppliDis solution has eased the use of educational software within the 13 Lozèrian secondary schools. The compatibility of the solution with our specific infrastructure, especially our directory OpenLDAP, was a decisive point in our choice.

Cyril Branci - Responsible for Application Management
Public Education Local authorities

Departmental Council of Aisne

Systancia knew how to assist us with the project and allowed us to press ahead with a high performance IT system. AppliDis allows our technical staff to be much more responsive and more flexible. For their part, teachers can focus on their primary mission: the teaching.

Fabrice Cahier - IT Director
Industry Private

Gamac Picoty

Unquestionably, Systancia offers a quality of service and ease of use that we did not always have with our previous provider, particularly in management, processing impressions and responsiveness.

Ercole Gallaccio - IT Director
Industry Private

Labeyrie Fine Foods

We were quickly convinced by the ability of the AppliDis solution to meet our objective of homogenising the workstations deployed on our various sites. AppliDis has brought real stability to using our production applications on remote sites and has consistently optimized the access time on our fixed workstations equipped with Wi-Fi.

Franck Claudel - IT & Support Manager
Industry Private


Grosfillex is one of IPdiva solution first users, and we appreciate we can work in a close collaboration with Systancia teams and benefit from their real proximity and reactivity. IPdiva Secure solution is scalable solution that allow easily to take into account new needs in terms of external access to our IT system’s critical resources security.

Franck FERREIRA - IT study manager
Education Private


We had multiple needs - to simplify daily accessing to our IS by our service providers, which up to now was handled manually, and to be able to respond to the demands of teachers and students who wanted to access their storage areas from outside. With IPdiva Secure, we now have a single, high security solution that allows us to provide controlled and selective remote connections based on user profiles, without having to open any ports in the school’s IS.

Emmanuel PETITGAND - Network-system administrator

General Hospital of Jury

IPdiva Safe is indispensable, I can not do without it. In case of sensitive intervention, I can visualize the session on one of my screens and watch it from the corner of my eye. Service providers know their sessions are recorded, therefore they accept the fact that it is also safe for them.

Stéphane Wicker - CIO