Systancia's ZTNA and PAM cloud services solutions allow to meet our two challenges: securing access for teleworkers from their personal workstations by applying the principle of least privilege and monitoring the actions of service providers thanks to the recording and archiving of administration sessions. The simplicity provided by the cloud allowed us to activate these services very quickly and freed us from managing the solutions, since they are managed by Systancia.

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Zehair Benamar
Infrastructure Project Manager

Activating Systancia Gate was easy. The implementation and user training were carried out without difficulty. No need to install an extension. On the other hand, it also allows to separate the user's actions on his workstation and on the system, sealing both spaces. With Systancia Gate, we are therefore able to allow staff members to telework - whether they use their personal computer or not - while protecting the hospital's information system.

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Amré Abou Ali

Systancia Access allowed us to carry out our project, to simplify access and define a more serious password policy. It was a success considering the initial challenges!

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Loann Fraillon
Infrastructure Deputy Director

Managing secure access to our IS for our entire ecosystem is a real challenge. Systancia Gate and Systancia Cleanroom allow us to implement these accesses very quickly and manage them very simply, particularly in the context of telemedicine. They also allow to comply with regulatory obligations by securing and tracking all accesses.

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Ahmed Kacer

The star feature of this product was that it made our Legacy application, SQL application, web applications and file directories available remotely without involving any 3rd party application vendors for support. For the end users experience, the access was very easy and quick from any of their devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) to access their work content on the go. No client installation or app was required on their laptops, tablets, or phones as it is all web-based. The integration with our active directory allowed users to access all their required systems in one go, without needing multiple passwords or links.

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Mahmood Ahmed
Head IT Operations

The Systancia Workplace, formerly AppliDis Fusion, solution is robust in the sense that all the high availability mechanisms are considered and are part of the basic infrastructure.

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Béatrice Bérard
System Manager and Project Leader of the management of identities

Systancia Workroom allowed us to meet our business continuity challenges by deploying teleworking for 92% of our agents within 2 days. They find the same user experience as at their workplace: they access their RDS desktop with all their tools and can therefore carry out all the tasks from their personal workstation, without constraints and in complete security.

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Emmanuel Periaux
Information System Manager

Petit Forestier, the European leader in refrigeration logistics rental, initially chose Citrix for a desktop and application virtualization project, but the solution was considered to be too expensive and complex. The group looked for an alternative for its 2,000 workstations spread over 237 sites in France and Europe.

One of the main French commercial ports, identified as an OVI by the State, has chosen the Systancia Gate, formerly IPdiva Secure, solution for securing access to IS resources. It was the only solution that would allow this commercial port to secure its employees’ access to the information system, in full compliance with its regulatory obligations.

An airport group in a major French metropolitan area has chosen to use Systancia Cleanroom to secure the workstations of its administrators, both internal and external. Systancia Cleanroom has been deployed on 150 accounts defined to manage over 500 resources, while raising the level of security required by the organization’s sensitive nature, which is subject to numerous security regulations.