Of Machine Learning and Application Virtualization

Machine Learning is nowadays one of the most common expressions in literature, but the fields of application are so vast that it can sometimes be difficult to grasp all the issues involved. In practice, the Machine Learning can be applied to almost all sectors of activity, whether it is the autonomous driving of vehicles in public spaces or learning from the behavior of users of a company information system. While the most compelling results for the general public are found… Read More >>

Cloudifying the uncloudifiable!

“My company’s apps are cloudifiable, super-cloudifiable in fact”. Unfortunately, repeating this phrase over and over is never going to result in a miracle. Launching an IT system into stratospheric orbit remains a complex topic. Of course, if you start with a blank canvas or if you only move forward gradually, the cloud ceiling will be lower, with the propulsion required to breach it consequently less too. Having effective solutions to the key issues of control, management, governance and change management… Read More >>

Will our PCs even exist in 5 years?

Unlike the new generation stepping into the digital era failing to see how upsetting it is for us and the elders to have a mobile phone that essentially allows checking the morning weather forecast in real time without looking out the window, I was constantly amazed by entering the computer age. I remember my first PC. A Philips branded PC. It would have been retrieved in 1985. (sung to an Edith Piaf tune) It was bulging, It was wonderful, appearing… Read More >>

Windows 10 on a connected watch?

As a little kid from the suburbs of Paris, how I loved to gaze at the animated shop windows of the big downtown department stores. It was always a source of enchantment, and it never lost its magic. Later this developed into a fascination for the skills, technical prowess and labor of the nameless artisans and talented creators of the products displayed in the big stores. Just as gazing at the shop window of a talented pastry maker can be… Read More >>

Freed of BYOD, how can you finally make mobility productive?

I BYOD, you BYOD, he BYODs… The world of computing is an inexhaustible source of newly created or reinvented words. Rarely for the better and often for the worse. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is one of the latest pipe dreams to come from America. Conceived at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the concept came about after a presentation by a major American software manufacturer, who demonstrated the technological feat of associating two types of… Read More >>

Acropolis, Greece has the honor!

What a tough job it is being a technology analyst. With every day spent in front of a blank page, analyzing the market and predicting its future, and even imagining markets that do not even exist. Imagine for just one moment, little Peter, in shorts, with a head already so little rebellious, proudly announcing to his comrades: “me, ma’am, I will be Tom Cruise and I will predict the future!” The boys are made jealous, the teacher won over, and… Read More >>

In the interest of virtualizing the health sector

Everyone has their own obsession. One of these that made me famous (well, at least only in the family) is this completely puzzling ability of reducing every product purchase that may not result from countries surrounding France to a minimum. I am lucid. This unconscious hermeticism deprives us (among other things) of the incredible chance we have to be able to spend the equivalent of half a month’s minimum wage every six months to buy the must-have electronic products made… Read More >>