Systancia, publisher of application virtualization and cybersecurity softwares and solutions

A platform for accessing enterprise applications, on-premise or SaaS

Systancia offers companies an access platform that secures the user in his or her work environment. The software suite provides an end-to-end chain of trust: access management, privileged access, virtual access and remote access.

Systancia is the only publisher on the market to provide the end-to-end chain of trust.

Systancia markets solutions for application virtualization (VDI), private network access (VPNZTNA), power user monitoring (PAM) and identity and access management (IAM) in different contexts of use: in the office, telecommuting, mobility and facilities management.

Software products :the Systancia chain of trust

Virtual access (VDI)

Our VDI product allows users to have a single window of access to their entire field of applications, thus reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Privileged Access (PAM)

Thanks to our PAM product, we can monitor the actions of users in power. They work confidently with their manager or security and compliance officer.

Remote Access (ZTNA)

With our ZTNA product, users on the go, telecommuting or managed services users can privately access their organization's applications with the additional protections required for mobility.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

With our IAM products, we manage the identity and credentials of users and authenticate them transparently by rotating passwords behind the scenes.

Cloud access platform

Systancia Workroom

The secure telecommuting solution in public cloud service (SaaS)

Systancia Cleanroom

PAM's public cloud service solution (SaaS)