ALFalak Electronic Equipment and Supplies was founded in 1981, it is a privately owned Saudi company that is part of ALFalak ALKhaleej Group.
In addition to advanced computer and communication services, ALFalak is a diversified IT company providing end-to-end solutions, storage and distribution, and e-commerce.

ALFalak also offers labour outsourcing and general contracting services.

ALFalak has played a major role in the evolution of information technology by serving a diverse clientele throughout the region. By enabling our clients to streamline their operations and/or increase their profitability on an ongoing basis. ALFalak’s client list includes government ministries and agencies, universities, banks and prestigious private sector companies in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

With more than three decades in business, ALFalak has built a network of strategic business partnerships with major suppliers around the world, and its efforts have been duly recognized.