ANSSI delivers its first qualification for an identification, authentication and access control solution to the Information System

ANSSI* delivers its first qualification for an identification, authentication and access control solution to the Information System

ANSSIWhile ANSSI has recently unveiled its 2015 activity report, noting the launch of the national strategy for digital security, French software publisher Systancia has announced that it has obtained the Qualification – Basic Level for IPdiva Secure 8. This cyber security solution, which allows for ultra-secure access to information systems resources, thus becomes the only one of its kind to be recommended by ANSSI, the national authority for information systems security and defense.

IPdiva Secure 8, recommended by the authorities for the security of remote access to the IT system

After having obtained the ANSSI’s first level security certification (CSPN) for IPdiva Secure 8, French software publisher Systancia now stands out even more for the quality of its solutions with its attainment of ANSSI’s Qualification – Basic Level.
With this qualification, IPdiva Secure 8 becomes part of the solutions recommended by ANSSI to ensure the digital security of administrations, of the 250 Vitally Important Operators (VIO)**, and more broadly of businesses: it is a guarantee of reliability, robustness and impermeability to external threats.
“This qualification proves that it is possible to be French, independent and much more innovative than American multinationals. We have always focused on R&D to provide efficient and innovative solutions, both for large companies and SMEs. Today, the involvement of our teams in the search for the most efficient security solution bears fruit in this first ANSSI qualification.” explained Christophe Corne, Systancia’s CEO.

A control module to ensure optimum access selection and security

Building on SSL standard, which is the reference for security, as well as on an innovative communication platform (topology distributed VPN SSL), IPdiva Secure allows for ultra-secured access to selected resources of the IT system for any types of users (mobile, home workers, third party contractors, etc.) With a unique access not requiring any port opening on the IT system, IPdiva Secure is a homogeneous solution potentially substituting heterogeneous products (MDM, firewalls, routers, etc.). It stands out through its strengthened mobile terminal security and OTP authentication for applications in the cloud.
Within V8, Systancia goes even further with a security center module for any deviation from good practices. This module is added from a simple observation: the first risk with a security product is to be misused. Systancia thus proposes in this V8 a module that removes this risk, reinforcing the solution already equipped by default with the best security tools.

*ANSSI is the French national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS). To fulfil its missions, ANSSI deploys a broad range of regulatory and operational activities, from issuing regulations and verifying their application, to monitoring, alert and rapid response – particularly on government networks. ANSSI provides its expertise and technical assistance to government departments and businesses and plays an enhanced role in supporting operators of vital importance.
** Vitally Important Operators (VIO) are public or private operators operating establishments, using or participating to installations or works which are run by information systems the disruption, unavailability or destruction of which would have a significant detrimental impact on the military potential, the economic potential, the security of the French Nation, the French Nation’s ability to survive or would represent a serious danger for the population.