Work from home solution

Digital tool that facilitates remote working.

A telecommuting solution is a tool, often computer software, provided by the organization, so that employees can work remotely.

A multitude of teleworking solutions exist, notably in the following areas:

Collaborative work solutions
Remote access solutions to network/enterprise applications
Video conferencing solutions

Many of these solutions are not limited to teleworking alone, but are also used within the organization itself, as they facilitate communication between different departments within a company.

These solutions can be deployed by organizations in three models: On-premise, cloud or hybrid.

For them to be widely used, teleworking solutions must be ergonomic by providing the usual work environment that can be easily deployed for the greatest number of people and not jeopardize an organization’s security.

Climate, societal and health factors are all factors that encourage the adoption of teleworking solutions in companies and allow them to gain agility to ensure business continuity.