Virtual private access

The only solution recommanded by ANSSI* for the identification, authentication and monitoring of remote access to applications and data

*ANSSI is the French national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS)

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Education Private


We had multiple needs - to simplify daily accessing to our IS by our service providers, which up to now was handled manually, and to be able to respond to the demands of teachers and students who wanted to access their storage areas from outside. With IPdiva Secure, now Systancia Gate, we now have a single, high security solution that allows us to provide controlled and selective remote connections based on user profiles, without having to open any ports in the school’s IS.

Emmanuel PETITGAND - Network-system administrator
Industry Private


Grosfillex is one of IPdiva solution first users, and we appreciate we can work in a close collaboration with Systancia teams and benefit from their real proximity and reactivity. IPdiva Secure, today Systancia Gate, solution is scalable solution that allow easily to take into account new needs in terms of external access to our IT system’s critical resources security.

Franck FERREIRA - IT study manager