"We had multiple needs - to simplify daily accessing to our IS by our service providers, which up to now was handled manually, and to be able to respond to the demands of teachers and students who wanted to access their storage areas from outside. With IPdiva Secure, now Systancia Gate, we now have a single, high security solution that allows us to provide controlled and selective remote connections based on user profiles, without having to open any ports in the school’s IS."

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Emmanuel Petitgand
Network-system administrator

"The simplicity of use and ownership of the AppliDis, now Systancia Workplace, solution has eased the use of educational software within the 13 Lozèrian secondary schools. The compatibility of the solution with our specific infrastructure, especially our directory OpenLDAP, was a decisive point in our choice."

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Cyril Branci
Responsible for Application Management

"Systancia knew how to assist us with the project and allowed us to press ahead with a high performance IT system. AppliDis, now Systancia Workplace, allows our technical staff to be much more responsive and more flexible. For their part, teachers can focus on their primary mission: the teaching."

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Fabrice Cahier
IT Director

"A clear and intuitive administration console, print management integrated natively into the solution, the ability to manage multi-version MS Windows Server application server farms and a strong and reactive involvement of the publisher, not to mention the cost reduction induced by the change".

Christian Gleyroux
Infrastructure Manager

"Systancia has made the ambitious choice of allowing hot migration of its product for both major and minor versions, thus without stopping production, which is a major factor for a hospital centre like ours. Unlike other products that require complete reinstallation and therefore a heavy production stoppage, Systancia has an innovative approach."

Frédéric Alliaume
Head of Infrastructure and Deputy CISO

"An access control solution in SSL VPN mode made perfect sense and enabled the integration of authentication with our Active Directory, a better traceability of accesses and this without any installation constraint for the user workstations; a simple access url via a browser is enough. The IPdiva Secure access solution, now Systancia Gate, was perfectly in line with the core target of what we were looking for".

Olivier Mazade
Head of networks and telecoms

"The simplicity of AppliDis, now Systancia Workplace, the software publisher references in the field of health as well as the price and the very structured response of the integrator, convinced us of the choice of the solution."

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Aurélien Caumette
Manager of IT system

"Thanks to Systancia we could modernise and optimise the management of our fleet. This way we allow the medical personnel and administrative services easier access to their business applications."

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Jean-François Romanowski
Back Office Manager

"IPdiva Safe, now Systancia Cleanroom, is indispensable, I can not do without it. In case of sensitive intervention, I can visualize the session on one of my screens and watch it from the corner of my eye. Service providers know their sessions are recorded, therefore they accept the fact that it is also safe for them."

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Stéphane Wicker

"We needed an identity management solution that would allow us to automatically provision all our business applications and take into account the most demanding identity management constraints. This is what Avencis Hpliance, now Systancia Identity, allows us to do, without any further development, thus promoting a real agility."

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Francis Breuille
CIO and Lead Director of the Women-Children's Surgery Division