La gestion des identités dans les GHT

Identity management within Hospitals cluster

The GHT (Hospitals cluster in France), created by the Health Act 2016, bring together several hospitals in the same region in order to strengthen their collaboration. This involves, in particular, a shared management of hospital staff, but also the gradual unification of the Information Systems (IS) of hospitals in the same hospitals cluster. Identity management is one of the first building blocks to be implemented as part of IS merge, which must then adapt to a multi-LE (multi legal entity) context…. Read More >>

In the interest of virtualizing the health sector

Everyone has their own obsession. One of these that made me famous (well, at least only in the family) is this completely puzzling ability of reducing every product purchase that may not result from countries surrounding France to a minimum. I am lucid. This unconscious hermeticism deprives us (among other things) of the incredible chance we have to be able to spend the equivalent of half a month’s minimum wage every six months to buy the must-have electronic products made… Read More >>