Teksalah works towards creating value for our partners – clients, vendors and team in every engagement. Every team member at Teksalah considers each project a chance to build a long-standing relationship with our clients.

Teksalah was founded in the year 2007, with a vision to be an independent, complete and most trusted ICT partner to every business in the regions we operate while continually expanding into newer regions and portfolio.

The name TEKSALAH is derived from two words – TEK and SALAH. ‘TEK’ stands for technology and ‘SALAH’ in Arabic means prayer, which signifies the ‘work is worship’ ethic we adhere to and symbolizes the trust that we seek to build in our dealings and relations. Also, the word SALAH in Urdu means advice, which truly represents what we are -‘technology advisors’.

In every project engage we maintain the interests of the Client as foremost, with focus on the exact requirements of the Client when selecting products to suit specific requirements. In a world of brand-wars, through our dedicated Proof of Concept team, our customer is given the opportunity to have first-hand feel of different product brands of identical technology to help him select the right product that suits him the most and provides features that are most relevant to him. Throughout the project we also focus on knowledge transfer to the client IT team, so that they can take it ahead from there and prove worthy to the enhancement of the future businesses of their organization. TEKSALAH has always successfully adhered to its “Customer first” approach and believe that the growth of a company is highly dependent on people – be it your customers, partners or your team. We believe that our continuous success depends deeply on our ability to understand diverse consumer needs and to work effectively with them. We wish to be known as a people centric company with focus on delivering thee trust our customers have shown in us.