Telecommuting – [COVID-19]

Deploy a secure teleworking solution in just a few clicks

Facing the second wave of COVID-19, the government is recommending that companies promote teleworking in order to mitigate the health and economic impact of the epidemic, to protect the health of their fellow citizens while ensuring business continuity for companies. During the containment at the beginning of 2020, more than 500 organizations deployed Systancia Workroom Session to allow their employees to telework, providing them with strictly the same working environment as in the office, without compromising the security of the information system.

The secure teleworking solution as a public cloud service (SaaS)

Systancia Workroom Session is a secure remote access service to the company’s workstations and applications as a public cloud service (SaaS). Based on the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) product, Systancia Gate, the only teleworking solution certified by the ANSSI and recognized by the Gartner as a major solution on the ZTNA market, Systancia Workroom Session allows you to:

  • provide secure access to your teleworkers, from their personal workstation, at home, via a simple browser, to their resources and their workstation and only to them
  • allow them to benefit from the same ergonomics and performance as when they are at the office.
  • enhance the security of these accesses with dual authentication without compromising the ease of access and user experience.
  • benefit from an offer that can be deployed in a few hours, allowing you to switch many employees to teleworking overnight thanks to the elasticity of the cloud, and economically flexible, since you can adjust the number of accesses according to your needs.

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