Protect your digital environment with the YubiKey! Yubico develops the famous YubiKey. Stop hacking your accounts, forget passwords, and upgrade your multi-factor authentication. Get the market-leading key for optimal security, user experience and return on investment. The security key protects against phishing, avoids computer intrusions thanks to security based on the FIDO computer protocol, is easier to use and more secure than mobile authenticators and is compatible with hundreds of services (Windows, Gmail, Salesforce…).

Systancia, as part of a secure teleworking solution (Systancia Workroom Session or Systancia Gate) or a universal and single authentication solution (Systancia Access), seeks to offer its customers the full range of possible authentication methods: OTP, biometric fingerprint, etc.

Thus Yubico and Systancia are working together to integrate the FIDO2 protocol and enable the integration of the YubiKey into Systancia’s products.