Axel designs and manufactures in Europe a range of thin client terminals for virtualized environments.
The Axel thin client has become a reference in terms of both quality and functionality for a large number of companies. AXEL has been designing and manufacturing terminals in France for more than 15 years and is now the leading manufacturer of thin clients in Europe.

AXEL has its own research and development laboratories, responsible for product definition, creation and follow-up.

Most thin clients are based on a heavy and restrictive PC-type structure. AXEL’s Ultra-Thin Client technology, on the other hand, makes the full power of the hardware available. It requires no bios or OS. Startup is instantaneous and the terminal has low power consumption.
It is possible to make specific developments to the firmware. Support is provided in France.

The security of workstations is a major concern for Systancia and its customers, particularly during sensitive activities such as administration. With the Systancia Cleanroom Desk product, Systancia offers disposable, single-use virtual machines for administration tasks. To reinforce this system, Systancia recommends that administrators use lightweight terminals to access these virtual machines.
In addition, with a view to optimising energy and hardware resources, thin terminals combined with a Systancia Workplace virtualisation solution enable users to return to their work environment using a workstation with significantly reduced energy consumption.

Axel and Systancia are building a complementary partnership to integrate Axel terminals into Systancia Cleanroom Desk or Systancia Workplace products.