ZTNA as a Service: Guarantee business continuity in any situation

ztna as a service

If Covid-19 proved that allowing remote access to the information system was essential to the continuity of an organization’s activity, the multiplication of cyber attacks and the constant evolution of needs show the importance of ZTNA as a Service. ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) allows to secure remote access by applying the principle of least privilege. Its deployment as a cloud service allows it to adapt to the need for flexibility of companies that must deal with external constraints and constant managerial changes.

Remote access: what are the challenges for organizations?

For organizations, the main issues related to remote access are their availability in all circumstances, their scalability, and their security. Today, the scalability issue is becoming more and more important for IT departments since the needs are constantly evolving upwards and downwards, depending on sudden events or managerial evolutions in terms of telework policy.

We can also consider that these three issues are closely related: if an organization is able to secure the remote accesses of its employees in all circumstances but is not able to double or triple these secure remote accesses overnight (due to a pandemic, a strike or a major climatic event), users will be, depending on the choice of the organization, forced to connect remotely without an adequate secure access solution or unable to connect and therefore not able to perform their usual tasks. In the first case, the security challenge is not met since these employees would put the security of their organization’s information system at risk. In the second case, business continuity becomes impossible. ZTNA as a Service is designed to meet these three interconnected challenges in companies and administrations.

Respond to the need for flexibility with ZTNA as a Service

ZTNA as a Service allows employees to access their work environment remotely and securely, in any situation (teleworking, mobility, on-call, outsourcing, services, etc.) by combining the flexibility of the cloud to quickly adjust the company’s needs to a specific and changing context.

ZTNA as a Service also provides a ready-to-use solution for organizations that don’t have secure remote access on the eve of critical events. The cloud allows a rapid deployment of secure remote access in a matter of hours, without the need for changes to the enterprise network architecture. This allows them to prepare in complete serenity for the above-mentioned events, which are usually only known a few days in advance.

When these organizations no longer need the same number of simultaneous remote accesses (at the end of a pandemic, strike, or climatic event), they can adapt their subscription contract so that they only pay for what they consume and return to normal consumption, taking into account the usual volume of employees working from home, travelling or even service providers accessing the company’s information system.

Systancia Workroom Session, Systancia’s ZTNA as a Service solution, allows you to respond to all these situations in order to guarantee business continuity, in complete security and in any circumstances.