Systancia and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise join forces to offer secure solutions to facilitate teleworking

Paris, June 2, 2020 – Systancia, a European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), the global leader in enterprise communications, collaboration, networking and cloud communication solutions, joined forces to provide companies with secure and complementary solutions in order to facilitate the organization of their employees’ teleworking and ensure business continuity.

An association aiming to secure teleworking and simplify remote collaboration

Through its Systancia Gate solution, Systancia developed a tool well before the current health crisis, allowing employees in a teleworking situation to access their professional interface and the applications essential for carrying out all their daily tasks efficiently and securely, regardless their location and regardless the equipment used. This solution has been deployed by many organizations and local authorities, including the GHU Paris (the University Hospital Group) and the Grand Besançon Metropolis.

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Systancia Gate offers many benefits to companies at a time when teleworking is becoming widespread. It provides access, outside the company’s walls, to all the business applications normally used within the company. It guarantees flexibility and agility to respond to a planned need (an on-call duty, for example) or a constrained context (Covid 19 epidemic, strikes, bad weather such as snow, floods, etc.). Systancia Gate also allows to manage the access to the information system according to various profiles and access situations (management of users’ access rights to different company content). Finally, it offers the same user experience in terms of performance and ergonomics as the workstation used at the office”, explains Bernard Debauche, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Systancia.

Systancia Gate is complementary to the Rainbow solution from Alcatel-Lucent, an extended cloud-based collaboration service developed and hosted in France. This application allows customers to ensure business continuity on site, remotely or on the move.


Rainbow is a federating tool for instant communication, reliable and secure. This collaboration tool allows users to quickly interact with each other, with their partners and customers through chat, voice or video, internal information channels, conferencing, video conferencing, screen and file sharing with great ease and security. Rainbow is easy to deploy and use from a simple compatible browser, making it easy to deploy and to adopt. In addition, this tool allows fixed, mobile and application convergence with office phones, to provide ubiquitous communication for employees and customers. Rainbow is secured with a datacenter in France and ensures the integrity of its customers’ data, in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO27001 certified,” said Jean-Philippe Lenot, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

Tools designed and manufactured in France to support the spread of teleworking

Many French companies discovered mass teleworking during the Covid-19 crisis, and as a result, they urgently called for public or professional collaboration solutions. Through their partnership, Systancia and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) are asserting their desire to promote the French ecosystem of IT security and collaborative work. They are convinced that the sovereignty of our data also requires the use of trusted players whose solutions aim to meet legal obligations in terms of information system security and data protection.

Both companies have made strong commitments: with data centers in France, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Systancia are committed to implementing a strict policy of access security and data privacy that generates the trust that is essential for collaborative work. Systancia Gate is the only telework solution certified by the ANSSI and the Rainbow solution from Alcatel-Lucent is certified by the HDS standard, which guarantees the security of health data.

The technological integration of Systancia and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions is in progress in order to rapidly offer a ready-to-use solution to all companies needing a sovereign and secure solution to protect data exchanged via telework and collaborative solutions.

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