Management of digital identities and authorizations (IAM)

Centralize and monitor user account and authorization management

Discover the main features of Avencis Hpliance


Consolidation of repositories

Avencis Hpliance creates a single repository source fed by the authority repositories (RH) and consolidates all this identity data. It offers advanced features to automate the upstream feed from existing repository sources, reconciles identity data and creates additional attributes as needed.


Dynamic contextual rights model

Avencis Hpliance is based on the OrBAC model– Organization Based Access Control, which permits rapidly implementing the representative rights model of the organization of your company in an intuitive manner. This facilitates monitoring the consistency of permissions in compliance with the obligation to separate rights within the company.


Management of access privileges and authorizations

Avencis Hpliance defines automatic or discretionary access privilege rules, thus responding to the constraints of access management, such as for example the automation and propagation of access privileges, the preservation of old rights, the delegation and separation of rights.


Re-certification of accounts

In response to the needs of audit organizations, Avencis Hpliance integrates the features of re-certification campaigns based on the rights model to determine the legitimacy of system accesses and simplify the validation process.


Automatic Feed and Provisioning

The provisioning engine automates the implementation of the rights model in the target repositories. The synchronization operations are supervised and all the journals are available for analysis and review.


A complement to the process

Avencis Hpliance automates exchanges with managers, operating services, the IT Director and users thanks to a workflow process. This flow management applies both to reference employees as well as to outside service providers.

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