Organizational agility and improvement of employee movement process

Improving the staff movement process

By automating the management of user accounts, it is possible to make the management of users and their authorizations more efficient and fluid. By automatically building people’s digital identities from existing repositories and thus easily manage their authorizations, employees’ management costs are reduced and access security is enhanced thanks to an exhaustive traceability.

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Operational efficiency when an employee arrives, is transferred or leaves

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Reduced operational cost of employee management thanks to automation

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Optimization and traceability of complex situations (bevel, absence periods, delegation of rights, etc.)

Our solution to answer your problem :

Powerful management of your entire ecosystem’s identities and authorizations for all your applications, on premise or cloud.

Staff rotation and risk of password disclosure

Some companies and organizations are facing more and more internal employee turnovers or regularly use outsourcing and service providers and do not control the access to their information systems and possible password disclosure. The challenge for the company or organization is therefore to prevent an administrator from leaving with passwords and, as far as possible, to prevent passwords from being known by internal and external administrators working on the IS.

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Easy deployment of administrator access

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Controlled security of login credentials

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Simplification of password lifecycle management and complexity

Our solution to answer your problem :

The sterile and disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on premise or cloud.