Systancia Cleanroom - The PAM solution that adapts the control level to the context of interventions

Systancia Cleanroom is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) product. It allows to define
administration accesses to resources by controlling the accounts used to authenticate on the resource and by finely tracing all the actions performed. The control level and traceability can be adapted to the criticality of the intervention context.

The administration of a resource consists of an access presenting a risk for the operation of your
organization. This access is carried out by a protocol access on a server (RDP, SSH, Web, …) or by
using an administration application.

Why deploy Systancia Cleanroom?

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Choose innovation with Systancia Cleanroom

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Virtualized Desktop or application administration and isolated, protected, temporary workstation
Controlled access to all applications and resources (on-premise, cloud)
Vault, rotation and opaque passwords
Video recording of sessions
Search for a specific action among all recorded sessions
Auditability and traceability
Outsourcing, third-party maintenance: Sealing/isolation between the different managed clients
Mobility / Home office / On-call: Secure remote private access with an access portal to the cleanroom

What's the best choice for securing administration workstations?

Discover in this document why Systancia Cleanroom, the only solution proposing a virtual, sterile and disposable administrator workstation, is much more than a classic bastion host.