Facilitation de la mobilité, du télétravail, de l’infogérance Afin de s’adapter aux

Simplifying mobility, teleworking, outsourcing

In order to adapt to new practices in terms of mobility, teleworking or outsourcing, companies and organizations must allow employees to access the information system from outside via a transparent user experience in terms of ergonomics and performance, while guaranteeing the security of access from an uncontrolled workstation or network….

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Modernisation et remplacement

Modernization and replacement

Regardless of whether it is a matter of guaranteeing IT security, optimizing the work experience or simplifying application management, companies and organizations may need to modernize and replace their obsolete IT solutions which no longer provide the innovations required to meet the challenges of digital inclusion….

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Protection des données et prévention des fuites

Data protection and leakage prevention

Due to the growing amount of data within companies and organizations, and the fact that these data are sometimes sensitive, it is essential to protect them against any potentially devastating risk of leakage, as we are reminded daily by the press….

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