The challenge for the SCNF was to secure their employees’ access to their information system applications: with the volume of employees and applications involved, it had become more complex for them to control “who has access to what”. They therefore chose the combination of Systancia and Brainwave to provide them, by 2020, with a global solution, from governance to end-to-end identity and authorization management, as well as improving the process of staff movement, and therefore organizational agility.

We needed an identity management solution that would allow us to automatically provision all our business applications and take into account the most demanding identity management constraints. This is what Avencis Hpliance, now Systancia Identity, allows us to do, without any further development, thus promoting a real agility.

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Francis Breuille
CIO and Lead Director of the Women-Children's Surgery Division

Systancia Identity is particularly easy to use once the basic base has been set up and is therefore quickly adopted by users. In addition, the software is scalable without additional costs.

Lahid Lechekhab