The cloud as a lever

Massively migrate the operating environment

Today, IT departments must manage the rapid and asynchronous evolution of the various components of technologies such as server operating systems, applications, and workstations. Thus, server OSes progress at a different speed from the OS versions of the client devices, and an even different speed from business applications (which are themselves asynchronous with each other), the latter being characterized by an increasingly wide diversity and uses. The challenge is therefore to make access to applications independent of these heterogeneous systems in order to be able, for example, to provide access to old business applications on new generation workstations or to deploy a new application on an old workstation park that would be expensive to renew.

The virtualization of applications or desktops considerably simplifies the daily availability, management, and evolution of applications on the IS: the installation and maintenance of applications is done on the reference machine and then, redeployed from this machine.

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Management of multi-OS farms

Quick application deployment

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Simplified application update management

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Migrating to the Cloud

In terms of identity and authorization management, the migration to the Cloud allows organizations to move away from dedicated infrastructures and gain greater flexibility by adapting to the organization’s changing needs over time. With a faster and easier deployment than an IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) solution on-premise, the migration has little impact on IT Departments as they gain agility in the long term.

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Benefit from the elasticity of the cloud

The Cloud allows the flexibility of a need that became essential during the Covid-19 pandemic: the need to secure remote accesses. The organizations are usually able to foresee the uses of their collaborators, and therefore the number of collaborators or service providers having to access the organization in a telework situation, mobility or from a third party company. However, events such as a pandemic, transportation strikes or bad weather may temporarily require massive remote access by employees or service providers unable to travel to the organization.

Thanks to the Cloud, remote access solutions can be deployed very quickly to deal with unforeseen situations and dynamically adapt subscription contracts according to real needs, before easily and at no extra cost reverting to the usual subscription contract once the crisis has passed.

Rapidly deployable

Economically flexible

Suitable for all user profiles

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