Vision and mission

Bringing control and confidence to users

Our vision is an experience of the work environment in which everyone feels in full control and safety.

We want to bring back a human face to the digital working environment, by positioning technology in its right place.
At Systancia, our goal is the end user!

In fact, the digital revolution may place technology at the centre and impose it on the user: we do, however, believe that technology is at the service of the individual. For this reason, we place all the ingenuity of our teams in meeting the human challenge of the digital experience.
Behind every workstation, there is a person who deserves to be in full control and in full confidence: it is the conviction that guides our company.

This is why hundreds of public and private organizations choose Systancia, to unleash the potential of each and every one of them, with complete confidence. With all our R&D in France, we market our application virtualization (VDI), private access (ZTNA), privileged access management (PAM) and identity and access management (IAM) solutions worldwide, with our network of partners.

Christophe Corne - Founder and Chairman of the Board - Systancia

“Our mission is to provide users with the most efficient and secure access to all their applications in their work environment. And to offer the best compromise between operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, between business ease-of-use and risk control, between security and user experience.”