Monitoring of power users (PAM)

Entrust your IT system in total safety to power users

IPdiva Safe – Ensure real-time monitoring of the IT system

IPdiva Safe helps businesses protect their IT resources thanks to video recording of the actions performed by internal power users or third parties connected remotely


Identify suspicious behaviour in real time

A solution that allows you to detect the intrusion not when you notice the damage but as soon as the suspicious behaviour is identified


Automate preventative actions

Configurations for alerts and preventive actions to automatically stop the malicious user


Be in compliance with directives

IPdiva Safe offers detailed traceability of power users and therefore compliance with the various directives

Choose innovation with IPdiva Safe

Discover the features that led our customers to choose IPdiva Safe!


Video recording of user sessions

Video recording of the sessions of power users allows the detection of cyber threats from the first intrusion attempt


Live streaming for real-time viewing

IPdiva Safe’s live streaming allows real-time viewing of the various recordings in progress and reacts in the event of a problem being detected


A real-time intelligent search engine

Search functions based on an intelligent search engine allowing you to search for recorded texts as well as actions and events and giving you the results in real time

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