Petit Forestier speeds up application virtualization

Petit Forestier chose Systancia’s AppliDis solution to optimize the virtualization of applications.
In order to speed up the application virtualization process, Petit Forestier decided to use Systancia’s AppliDis Fusion solution. This has increased the company’s agility and also a simplified administration.
Petit Forestier initially chose Citrix for a desktop and application virtualization project, but the solution was deemed too expensive and too complex. The project addresses 2000 workstations spread over 237 sites in France and Europe. During a maintenance renewal, Petit Forestier group looked for an alternative solution. In terms of constraints, Johan Barré, infrastructure manager at Petit Forestier, wanted to upgrade the back office and the infrastructure while keeping the same workstations. He pointed out that “the challenge was to be able to recover old and new thin clients and make them work natively”.
After a market tour, Petit Forestier chose Systancia’s AppliDis Fusion product. This solution combines both desktop and application virtualization. About 70 applications are virtualized via AppliDis Fusion on 2000 workstations, with up to 1000 simultaneous daily connections to the IS. Currently, 70 servers are dedicated to the AppliDis environment.
Multiple benefits
Among the benefits of the solution, Johan Barré notes that “the application deployment is done in real time and without any impact on users or their productivity”. For instance, the migration allowed to update the Microsoft Office Pack for all employees. Another benefit is the solution’s unique interface, which allows the IT team to have a 360° view of the infrastructure. “This allows problems to be identified before they occur and to be more proactive when dealing with difficulties faced by employees,” adds the manager. Furthermore, the printing management on the 237 sites is handled by Systancia’s universal printing module.
In addition, users benefit from optimized application opening and launch thanks to AppliDis Booster, a feature based on machine learning. Finally, to secure remote access to IS applications, Petit Forestier has integrated Systancia’s IPdiva Secure, a solution qualified by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency).
Article written by Jacques Cheminat, Vice redactor in chief of CIO
Source: CIO-online (in French)