Third party access (provider, ecosystem)

Secure provider & ecosystem access

Any organization must be able to interact with its various stakeholders, whether internal or external collaborators. Private extranet access to applications allows to secure exchanges, but also often to simplify them, via ergonomic solutions, thus promoting user acceptance.

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Secure exchanges between different organizations

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Ensure data confidentiality

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Compatibility with all applications

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The high-security access portal to all your applications, on premise or cloud.

Improve the provider & ecosystem access experience

User comfort is one of the social challenges for companies. In addition to their effectiveness, today’s IT tools must be functional, intuitive and ergonomic. Access security should not be a source of dissatisfaction. User authentication must be simplified, while maintaining or even increasing the level of security for IS access. Strong authentication with PIN code, identity federation, automatic and transparent application password management, autonomous user unlocking are just some of the features that combine security and optimal access experience for the user.

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Saving time and improving the user-friendliness of the workstation

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Unique and stronger password for the user

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Cost reduction through autonomous unlocking of users

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Transparent authentication, in all its forms, to all your applications, on premise or cloud

Outsource the administration of your IS

Due to a lack of human or financial resources or because of a strategic choice, the executive committee of an organization may decide to entrust the administration of all or part of its IS or dedicated applications to an external service provider, an outsourcer. Outsourcing is a fast way to improve performance, reduce costs or increase flexibility, but it also increases the need to control the actions carried out in this context. The remote administration of the IS must then be carried out via a PAM solution which must be able to secure the administration environment and trace all the actions carried out in order to guarantee a long-term security of the IS and access for different stakeholders, whether internal or external.

Fine traceability of actions between different parties involved

Precise invoicing of interventions according to the duration of the session

Virtualized sessions for a total sealing of the IS with the other administered ISs

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The sterile disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on-premise or cloud.