Desktop virtualization software and for applications

Securely providing applications and virtual desktops with the best performance and at the lowest cost

AppliDis Fusion - Virtualizing applications and desktops

AppliDis Fusion is an innovative virtualization solution that allows all applications and desktops to be made available using the most recent security, load balancing, ergonomic and Machine Learning technologies in order to guarantee the best experience for both user and administrator.

Virtualisation d'applications

Respond to new working practices on demand

Enable employee mobility, both within and outside the organization, by ensuring immediate access to applications and data from any device


Facilitate the maintainability and scalability of your IT system

Simplify the day-to-day management of your virtual infrastructure and allow the IT department to scale up to support increasing user workloads easily and on-demand


Reduce IT costs without affecting operational use

Reduce operational and maintenance costs while ensuring a better user experience in terms of access to applications

We were quickly convinced by the ability of the AppliDis solution to meet our objective of homogenising the workstations deployed on our various sites. AppliDis has brought real stability to using our production applications on remote sites and has consistently optimized the access time on our fixed workstations equipped with Wi-Fi.

Franck Claudel - IT & Support Manager - LABEYRIE FINE FOODS
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Choose innovation with AppliDis Fusion

Discover the features that led our customers to choose AppliDis Fusion


AppliDis Booster

The first feature to integrate Machine Learning technologies in order to ensure access times for applications


AppliDis Boxonair

This functionality is exclusive to the market and allows roaming users to carry their applications with them on their smartphones, making mobility productive for the company


First HTML5 admin console

A new admin experience with a unique interface offering a 360° view of the virtual application and desktop infrastructure

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