Consulting and Support

Whether you are an administrator of Systancia solutions on a day-to-day basis in your organization or a consultant with one of our partners in charge of integrating our products, we support you throughout your project to ensure its success in terms of deadlines and business objectives and to help you exploit the full potential of Systancia solutions.

Are you a customer?

Systancia’s teams offer you support in terms of consulting and expertise, project management, solution development and application cycle monitoring in order to configure products as closely as possible to your use cases and thus meet your business challenges.

Consulting and expertise

  • Architecture,
  • Domain (VDI, IAM, PAM, ZTNA),
  • Sizing,
  • Audit / Health Check

Project management

  • Project management and complete integration of Systancia solutions,
  • Support for the key phases of the project
  • Transfer of skills based on the customer environment,
  • Assistance in the definition of PRA/PCA plans,

Continuous management via the Customer Success offer

Support for the evolution of solutions, monitoring of the application cycle

  • Version upgrades,
  • Increase of the functional scope,
  • Adjustment of the sizing

Are you a partner?

Systancia’s teams offer you technological and methodological support to guarantee the success and profitability of your projects:

  • Project management,
  • Systancia project methodology (phasing, organization, documents),
  • Functional expertise,
  • Architectural expertise,
  • Security expertise,
  • Sizing of offers / costs,
  • Support for the defense / presentation,
  • Technical and methodological training.
  • Remote and on-site integration of Systancia solutions.

RACIA agreement

By subscribing to the RACIA agreement, you benefit from remote support and consulting services by Systancia experts, provided upon request and during short time slots. These services, the terms and conditions of which have been agreed in advance, allow you to gain flexibility, with the possibility of planning consulting and support services very quickly by simplifying administrative procedures. Within the framework of the RACIA agreement, Systancia’s experts will support you with:

  • The qualification of a new requirement and definition of an appropriate configuration solution.
  • Maintenance operations / MCO,
  • The IS integration (monitoring, backup, maintenance plan, etc…),
  • The analysis of problems,
  • The use, configuration and operation of software products,
  • The upgrade of software products,
  • The implementation of new functionalities of the software products,
  • The preparation or check prior to a production launch of the software products,
  • The evolution of operating environments or third-party software products required for software products,
  • The analysis of the environment in which the software products are executed.

Why you should subscribe to Systancia's consulting and support services?

Secure the critical phases of your projects to reduce risks and achieve your objectives in terms of cost, quality and deadlines

Have an editor vision in the design of solutions, and therefore a guarantee of durability and answers adapted to the needs expressed

Guarantee an optimal level of availability and scalability of your solutions

Switch to a proactive vision of IS evolution: sharing knowledge on the future evolution of uses, technologies and needs

Ensure a continuous evolution of the solutions regardless of the staff changes

Gain responsiveness and flexibility with the RACIA agreement

Rapid availability of a technical / functional / organizational expert

Streamlining of administrative procedures for ordering, invoicing and payment

Optimization of the user experience through a fine configuration of the solutions, adapted to your context / environment