Desktop or application virtualization

The best VDI for hyper-convergence

Application virtualization is one of the essential building blocks of information systems: for many users, it is the interface through which they access their business applications. Customers equipped with hyperconverged infrastructures can choose between state-of-the-art “best of breed” VDI bricks or general-purpose VDI solutions, often integrated into more global solutions.

This VDI solution, which is a key solution for organizations, must benefit from the most advanced features and adapt to all use cases (multi OS farms, administration delegation with definition of administration zones, etc.). It must be agnostic of the major hypervisor solutions on the market (Nutanix, VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V) but also improve the resilience and elasticity of the infrastructure. It must also evolve to adapt to a constantly changing application ecosystem and offer innovations for a better user experience.

Diversity of supported use cases

Agnostic to major solutions on the market

Improve the resilience and elasticity of the infrastructure

Our solution to answer your problem :

Immediate access to your virtual desktop and all your applications, on premise or cloud.