Access monitoring (traceability and access audit)

Tracing administration actions

It is now essential to control a privileged environment and trace the performed actions in order to stop as quickly as possible any unintentional harmful activity or malicious action. The purpose is also to understand what happened in the event of intrusion.
Traceability also has a real interest in the context of outsourcing services. For the company outsourcing, it is important to monitor the actions performed by the administrator in order to be alerted of any inappropriate or malicious action and react in real time. For the outsourcer, this allows him to clear his name if he is wrongly accused of a malicious or inappropriate action on the information system.

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Handle the situation of outsourcers using the same workstation for several customers

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Identify the source of a change on the IS

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Guarantee that an intervention has not disrupted the IS

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Manage and strengthen the means of access

Faced with the proliferation of all types of resources and users on the information system, the IT department must equip itself with solutions enabling it to monitor and manage employees’ access to the various resources. It is essential to meet this traceability challenge and also to strengthen IS access methods. The implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA), dynamic passwords (OTP) or configurable alerts when detecting suspicious events are all features that enable the IT Department to strengthen the IS security against unauthorized login attempts.

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Enhance security

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Simplify access management for the user

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Allow traceability of access

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