An ingenious approach to meet the challenges of the digital working environment

At Systancia, we value #ingenuity to innovate.

Founded in 1998 by Christophe Corne as part of a research project aimed at virtualizing applications and workstations, and which resulted in the development of AppliDis Fusion solution (now Systancia Workplace), Systancia has always been part of a development logic through innovation. Over the years, Systancia has demonstrated its capacity for innovation in all its fields of expertise (virtualization, cybersecurity, access), in particular by introducing artificial intelligence into its products: for example, to accelerate the time to download applications or to identify the user who would not be the one expected. In 2018, 20 years after its launch, Systancia became the first publisher to propose a new standard for a sterile and disposable work environment with its Systancia Cleanroom solution, dedicated to the management of privileged accounts.




We combine application virtualization, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to create unique, recognized and certified solutions

Our labels and certifications

Born in Alsace, Systancia has retained a presence in its historic territory, in Sausheim, near Mulhouse, where its head office is located. This local presence has also been demonstrated by the award of the Alsace Excellence label in 2017, which recognizes Systancia as one of the most innovative and dynamic players in the region working to build an Alsace that harmonizes economic development, environmental quality and well-being.

Systancia also means recognized and certified solutions:

After obtaining CSPN certification (First Level Security Certification), IPdiva Secure (now Systancia Gate) becomes the only solution qualified by ANSSI in 2016 for identification, authentication and access control to the IS. It thus becomes the reference solution for ensuring the security of private extranet access to the information system for government administrations, the 250 OIVs (Operators of Vital Importance) and more generally for companies.

In 2019, Systancia Cleanroom became the fourth solution to obtain the France Cybersecurity label after Avencis SSOX (now Systancia Access), IPdiva Secure (now Systancia Gate) and Avencis Hpliance (now Systancia Identity). This label is a guarantee for users that the products and services bearing the label are French, and that they have clear and well-defined functionalities, with a level of quality verified by an independent jury.

Our commitment to associations

As a stakeholder in digital transformation, Systancia is committed to associations dedicated to the digital industry and cybersecurity.

Since 2018, Systancia has been a member of the PEC (Pôle d’Excellence Cyber). Initiated by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Regional Council of Brittany with a national scope and an international outreach objective, the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber is based on the regional academic and industrial fabric but also on national partners or other territories. Its purpose is to stimulate the development of research, training and innovation for the benefit of its members, the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the national cyber community.

Systancia is also a member of the European Security and Information Systems Circle, which brings together stakeholders in the cyber security sector.