Systancia Workroom Desk Service

The portal for secure remote access to your virtual desktops and all your applications in any situation (telecommuting, mobility, on-call, outsourcing, services, etc.).

Virtualization 20.20: fast, economical with optimized resources

With Systancia Workroom Desk, application virtualization enters a new dimension of performance and resource optimization in the cloud.  

The new micro-service / scale-out architecture significantly improves infrastructure resilience, so your infrastructure integrates more users for the same amount of time. The administration servers form a cluster ensuring high availability via a virtual IP, and respond to any request regardless of the actual state of each administration server.

Profile loading time is also optimized thanks to Systancia Workplace Booster: this functionality is based on profile streaming with pre-loading, post-loading and predictive loading based on artificial intelligence.

To improve the use of resources, Systancia integrates a module for transforming client workstations into a secure thin terminal: user workstations are given a second life. The monitoring of energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the client workstation are integrated, and the carbon footprint can be reduced thanks to the use of thin clients,

Systancia adds more flexibility in the deployment of a Systancia Workroom Desk infrastructure to the cloud, in your datacenters or in a hybrid deployment mode. Systancia Workroom Desk infrastructures are operated by Systancia. 

Your client-server applications can be made available in a simple web format and become mobile. The product seamlessly integrates multi-OS application servers, enabling you, for example, to manage your application updates simply.

Seamless user experience

Systancia places the user at the heart of its products. Depending on his rights, the user chooses his display modes: by viewing the user interface of the native application (“seamless” mode) or web application (“html5” mode), on a desktop or on his browser. Systancia Workplace is a digital platform for unified work, responding to the full diversity of application needs and places of use. 

The user finds the work environment in the state in which he leaves it, whether he changes workstations at the office or goes home (session roaming),

He dynamically and instantly finds the printers near him or personalizes his desktop. 

Simple administration

The administrator has an ergonomic and graphical console (HTML5) to control all his actions. He publishes applications, desktops, contracts on a simple web interface.  

He instantaneously distributes as many applications as he wants according to the user groups in the directory. Numerous configuration options are available: printer mapping, access to local disks according to the user’s level of confidence, two-level administration delegation for access or modifications.   

It supervises the Systancia Workplace infrastructure, visualizes the number of users, the load on hypervisors and the carbon footprint. The supervision tool interfaces with other complementary tools on the market.

Security at the heart of Systancia

Systancia offers a highly secure module for external access in the context of teleworking: Gate for Workplace. The only ZTNA solution certified by ANSSI, this module combined with Systancia Workplace makes Systancia’s virtualization solution the most secure on the market. It features a double barrier integrating a protocol break, restricted access to applications and depending on the actual connection conditions. For greater comfort in this context, Systancia Workplace also supports the SAML v2 protocol. 

In a mobile situation, the Box On Air module also enables a virtualized application to be projected in complete security from a secure smartphone onto any nearby non-secure device.