Customer Success

Whether you have subscribed to one of our cloud services, or whether you manage the deployment and operation of Systancia’s software products yourself (directly or with a partner), Systancia is by your side to add value and help you achieve your goals.

Since the success of our partners contributes directly to the success of our clients’ projects, we offer them the same type of approach (Partner Success).

Help you achieve your goals

First of all, the Customer Success offer aims to support you in achieving your objectives, which are multiple and often simultaneous :

  • Quick implementation of the solution,
  • Accelerate the adoption of the solution by users,
  • Quickly become autonomous and control the deployment of the solution,
  • Anticipate changes in the offer and benefit from them as quickly as possible,
  • Share with our teams a common understanding of your needs and the direction of our offer.

The Customer Success offer: continuous support

The “by your side” customer success offer is a continuous support throughout your use of Systancia’s software products and cloud services, according to the different stages of this “life”:

  • “On-boarding”: during this stage you get to know Systancia’s teams, you quickly become familiar with and gradually master the services available to support you with the use of the solution.
  • “Commitment”: this stage aims to ensure the preparation of IT teams and the quick and wide deployment of the solution, and then the quick and wide adoption of the solution by end users.
  • “Follow-up”: this stage consists of maintaining a continuous relationship between our teams over time, with regular meetings whose frequency varies according to the scope of your project and the phases of your use of Systancia’s software products and cloud services.

This “customer success” offer is part of Systancia’s support for every customer : it is the basic foundation of the service offers marketed by Systancia, which are complementary to it: support, consulting and assistance, training and managed services.

The First offer: a customized and proactive assistance package

For companies that have to meet demanding SLAs and have technical infrastructures or critical business issues, Systancia offers a “customer success” managed service called “First”. The “First” offer covers all the Systancia software products and cloud services used in your organization and complements all the other service offer. It provides a customized and proactive support supplement to enable you to accelerate the adoption of the product, minimize risk and maximize the benefits of product use, for your most demanding and critical environments or uses in terms of service levels. The “First” offer consists of three parts:

  • Governance of the relationship between you and Systancia, with a dedicated contact person who will proactively support you by being a source of proposals.
  • Increased cooperation between you and Systancia, with a range of Systancia expert intervention days and the preparation of a system in the event of production crises.
  • Proactive follow-up by Systancia of your solutions and projects, thanks to a monthly support activity report and an annual health check of your solutions and their environments.

What are the advantages in the day-to-day management of Systancia's cloud software products and services?

Stronger assurance of the robustness of the solution in production – and better “uptime”

Increased efficiency and responsiveness for incident or change management

Reducing risks for critical infrastructures