Systancia Cleanroom

Systancia Cleanroom Session

Surveillance of privileged users and administrators’ access to information system resources.

Track and trace the actions performed with the Surveillance module

The monitoring module allows an application manager to monitor in real time the actions of all privileged users when they log into an administered resource or application. Actions are then recorded in video format to review the execution of an intervention afterwards.

In the event of a suspicious change, an IT Security Manager can search through all recorded sessions to find the origin of the change. The product also allows to block in real time the actions of privileged users by setting up rules and alerts which define the authorizations of privileged users directly in the administration console.

Manage and secure login credentials with the Password Vault module

The Password Vault module allows an IT Security Manager to save all passwords used to connect to administered resources and applications in a secure vault.

Once these passwords are secure, the module allows the CIO to implement the automatic password rotation policies defined by the company. The product also allows to manage login credentials shared by multiple administrators, specific login credentials and their delegation.

Secure mobile access with the Secure Extranet module

The Secure Extranet module provides secure access for mobile administrators with a secure tunnel and multi-factor authentication reinforcement mechanisms.

The module is based on the Systancia Gate product and its innovative dual barrier architecture.

Systancia Cleanroom Desk

The sterile and disposable virtual administration desktop for the surveillance of access to information system resources by privileged users and administrators.

Further increase security by using the administration workstation intermittence with the Virtual Workstations module

The Virtual Workstations module allows to provide virtual administration workstations. These workstations are intended for administration use only and are sterile and disposable. They are regenerated after each use in order to guarantee to the CIO that the administered resources are not infected from the administration workstation.

The workstation being prepared in advance, this allows to standardize the virtual administration workstations according to administrators’ profiles.

The virtual administration workstation approach also allows Systancia Cleanroom Desk to guarantee to the CISO, the support of any resource or application, whether developed internally or in the cloud.