Monitoring of power users (PAM)

Entrust your IT system in total safety to power users

Discover the main features of IPdiva Safe


Video recording of user sessions

Video recording of power user sessions permitting the detection of cyberthreats at the first intrusion attempt.


A simple and packaged solution

A packaged solution which can be implemented quickly, IPdiva Safe is based on the IPdiva Secure engine, which has received CSPN and basic ANSSI qualification.


Live streaming for real-time viewing

The IPdiva Safe’s Live streaming feature enables you to view recordings in progress in real time and to respond in case of problems detected.


An intelligent real-time search engine

Search functions for input text but also for actions or events, with results returned in real time without requiring viewing the entire video.


Detailed behavior analysis

IPdiva Safe is able to identify all events on a target system (keystrokes, application launch, process launch, etc.) and is therefore able to offer a very detailed analysis of power user behavior.


Alert configuration

IPdiva Safe enables you to receive alerts when a power user performs an action identified as a potential threat and to configure security measures to automatically stop a malicious user.



Password keeper

A true digital bunker, IPdiva Safe permits the centralized management of user authentication and identification by storing all the user IDs and passwords associated with published resources. This is a native feature based on Systancia’s Avencis SSOX solution under the France Cybersecurity label.


Adapted usability

IPdiva Safe takes advantage of the latest advances in usability with an HTML5 management console that offers a 360° view of the monitoring of all types of power users on the computer system.



A true control center

An Archive feature enables you to view all the videos that have been recorded and provides summary information.

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