Feedback on the ANSSI’s qualification of IPdiva Secure, now Systancia Gate

ANSSI qualification
One of the keys to securing the information system of an organization is to deploy security products. Because of their importance in the security system, it is essential to have confidence in these products.
Confidence refers to the idea that you can trust someone or something. The best way to measure confidence in a security product is to have a security evaluation, conducted by a recognized and independent body in order to “validate” the response to a specific problem.
IPdiva Secure is a 100% French cybersecurity solution that provides secure access to the resources of an information system for all types of users (employees traveling or homeworkers, service providers, third parties, etc.).
The IPdiva Secure solution, now Systancia Gate allows you to meet the following requirements simultaneously:

  • Allow external or remote users to use the organization’s internal resources. These resources consist of applications and data required on a daily basis to work efficiently;
  • Protect internal resources from external intrusions, in order to avoid any risk of blocking, information theft or data destruction;
  • Control and audit actions performed by users externally.

IPdiva Secure 8 is today the only solution qualified by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI – Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information) in the technical field of “identification, authentication and access control”.
In the ad hoc procedure, the ANSSI states that “the qualification of products and services is a mission of the ANSSI […] whose objective is to provide the government authorities and operators of vital importance with the products and services that meet their needs in terms of information systems security”.
To sum up, the qualification is a recommendation for use, based on a certification process (validation of a product according to related evidence) which is itself based on evaluation work (estimating the effectiveness of security measures compared to security objectives) carried out by an independent third party laboratory agreed by the ANSSI.
After defining the security target (a document that presents the security problem) with the ANSSI, IPdiva Secure was subjected to testing by the evaluation laboratory which validated the compliance and effectiveness of the solution in an operational context.
In conclusion, the ANSSI’s qualification of the IPdiva Secure solution has been very beneficial for Systancia because it allowed among other things:

  1. To enhance the security of the IPdiva Secure solution and thus to increase the confidence of Systancia’s customers.
  2. To successfully pass under the yoke of an independent third party laboratory (specialized in the cryptographic field and intrusion tests)
  3. To introduce IPdiva Secure as a trusted product, recognized and recommended by the French Government

The qualification of the IPdiva Secure solution is not an end point. Systancia works continuously to maintain the highest level of customer confidence in its products. This is why security is a permanent concern for Systancia when it comes to software development and deployment.
By choosing Systancia’s IPdiva Secure, you are using a solution that helps to increase the global security level of your information system.

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