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Securely providing applications and virtual desktops with the best performance and at the lowest cost

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AppliDis Booster

AppliDis is the first solution on the market to integrate Big Data Machine Learning and predictive technologies to ensure immediate access to applications while still providing decision-making and monitoring power to the administrator.


AppliDis BoxOnAir

AppliDis BoxOnAir functionality, an exclusive in the market, responds to a true need for mobility and the need for multiple access modes, allowing the user to “carry” applications on a smartphone and view them on the nearest device, without sacrificing security.


AppliDis Provision Server

AppliDis Provisioning Server allows administrators to deploy and maintain application servers on their virtual infrastructure with the help of replica templates, moving towards 100% operational uptime.


First HTML5 management console

The AppliDis web console takes advantage of the latest advances in usability combining user-friendliness, power and simplicity, offering the administrator a 360° view of their infrastructure in a single pane of glass. Utilizing advanced features the administrator can manage server farms of 200 servers as easily as 20.


Session roaming which promotes mobility

AppliDis offers session roaming features promoting the mobility of users both inside and outside their organizations, freeing them from their workstations.  Further to this, users can launch application across all of their devices, from laptops or desktops to smartphones or tablets.


Management of all printer scenarios

The universal print module allows a user to manage specific printers or several printing scenarios and offers advanced bandwidth management and handling of printing tasks in parallel to optimize printing at remote sites.


Intelligent load-balancing

AppliDis offers a high-performance server load balancing system which is particularly innovative, based on usage detection, the static and dynamic characteristics of application servers, and the number of open sessions.


AppliDis Toolbox

AppliDis Toolbox offers a group of technical and system tools designed by our experts to simplify daily administration and solve sometimes complex deployment issues such as application compatibility.


Heterogeneous applications

AppliDis Fusion makes it easy to access heterogeneous applications by supporting mixed server operating systems on the same farm and publishing Windows applications in their designed environment.

Unquestionably, Systancia offers a quality of service and ease of use that we did not always have with our previous provider, particularly in management, processing impressions and responsiveness. We have also appreciated their economic approach and their capacity to transform a virtualization project into a concrete reality, appreciated by the IT department and the end users.

Mr Gallaccio - IT Directo - PICOTY
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