AppliDis Fusion evaluated by Wilco Van Bragt

AppliDis evaluated by Wilco Van Bragt

Wilco Van Bragt is an expert of application and desktop virtualization solutions. He is an independent and certified consultant (RES Valuable Professional, Citrix CTP (Citrix Technology Professional) and Microsoft MVP on RDS) and founder of the website Since 2008 he shares his thoughts and experience on the installation, setup and use of the biggest vendors’ virtualization solutions – publishing regularly his product reviews.

Wilco Van Bragt thus decided to review AppliDis. His conclusion is simple: « AppliDis for sure can compete with MS, Citrix and VMware looking at the features and possibilities of the product. They have several features that are unique or smarter than seen in the competitors’ products, especially on the User Environment Management part. I also like that the consoles are already (fully) web based and they use smart software that is able to learn. »

More precisely, Wilco Van Bragt describes an easy-to-use and practical user interface that gives a lot of appreciable features – the possibility to see currently opened applications and current works on the side banner for instance. The interface is also customizable with, among other things, the logo of the company, a nice feature. Wilco Van Bragt also notices that the applications are opened quickly.
On the administration side, he highlights features permitting the administrator to see  in a single look where more actions are needed, along with the color coding that emphasizes the most important information for each component (active sessions, CPU, memory etc.). In a nutshell, a practical and smart console, pleasant to use.
Finally, Wilco Van Bragt writes more about features he finds particularly interesting in AppliDis, starting with AppliDis Booster which enables faster application opening times thanks to its machine-learning based technology. Depending on the uses of users, applications start running in background so they can open instantly when the user needs them. The Load Balancing is a feature that exists in other solutions but that Wilco Van Bragt finds smarter in AppliDis than in the competitors solutions. Last, he particularly likes the Toolbox included in AppliDis that allows an administrator to solve potential issues by themselves.

The entire Wilco Van Bragt Product Review on AppliDis is available clicking here