Avencis SSOX 10 improves the user experience for strong authentication

Avencis SSOX 10 : improved user experience

Systancia’s solution Avencis SSOX secures access to the organization’s applications while making users connections easier thanks to unified authentication (SSO) and strong authentication features. The solution ensures time-saving optimization on the user experience and the compliance with security rules.

user experience

Its latest version, Avencis SSOX 10, available on May 22, improves the user experience by proposing new features that make access to applications always easier, but with no concession on security.

Improved user experience for strong authentication

Avencis SSOX 10 first proposes two new features to improve the user experience regarding strong authentication: Out of Band (OoB) authentication and Bluetooth authentication.
Out of Band authentication
This brand new feature allows companies to ensure a strong and user-friendly authentication: the user types their user ID on their workstation and the authentication is actually done directly on their smartphone. The point is here to guarantee a strong multi-factors authentication while avoiding the need to force the user to copy a complex OTP (One Time Password) on their workstation
Bluetooth authentication
Thanks to this new feature, the user controls the access to their workstation through the Avencis SSOX Mobile app. The workstation unlocks after authentication on smartphone and automatically locks itself as soon as the user moves away, either they’re connected on the local network or not.

Enhanced security

Windows password modification
Avencis SSOX 10 allows administrators to define a complex password policy for Windows passwords modification campaigns. It supports scoring rules, proposes a password dictionary and makes fit in Microsoft’s credential provider. Password modification management can be done either while logging in or on the user’s initiative.
Avencis SSOX 10 also proposes other features like the evolution of the kiosk mode for the authentication on self-service workstations, an improved administrator experience thanks to the synchronization tool for AD>ADAM accounts optimization and the compatibility with the latest standards (Windows Server 2016, 3rd version of ANTS middleware for IAS ECC cards).