Administrator desktop security and hybrid cloud in one click among the innovations Systancia unveils at its keynote event

Administrator desktop security and hybrid cloud in one click among the innovations Systancia unveils at its keynote event

Administrator desktop security and hybrid cloud
Systancia, the virtualization and information systems security specialist, has unveiled its innovations for 2018. Among them is IPdiva VDI Cleanroom, a product that was developed in response to an ANSSI recommendation that information systems (IS) administrators be allocated separate, dedicated desktops for their administrative and office tasks. The application delivery specialist also announced AppliDis Cloud Extender, a solution that enables the deployment of a hybrid cloud infrastructure in just a few clicks.

IPdiva VDI Cleanroom : Meeting administrator desktop security requirements

Between all the products in the privileged access management sector, one problem has not been addressed to date, that of enabling IT administrators to isolate work related to privileged users in a restricted environment, and activities with respect to “standard” users in another environment. This separation of administration tasks from other tasks is recommended by ANSSI.
This is the reason why Systancia – the only publisher with a presence in both the Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) markets – got the idea to combine performance capabilities and the agility inherent in the provision of virtualized desktops, with the security provided by privileged-user monitoring mechanisms. The result is IPdiva VDI Cleanroom, a solution that meets the growing security requirements of administrator desktops.
Based on the IPdiva Secure engine – which is the only ANSSI-approved solution in the technical field of Identification, Authentication and Access Control – IPdiva VDI Cleanroom guarantees the provision of a fully sealed, single-use virtualized administrator desktop, featuring such advanced options as copy-and-paste prohibition and the isolation of peripheral devices. From this environment, access to protected resources is achieved using authentication procedures, the password for which is never disclosed to the administrator.
IPdiva VDI Cleanroom also offers active monitoring features for activities performed on the resources, including video recording of user sessions, setting up alerts for real-time reporting of incidents and breaches of IS security, and preventive actions to immediately halt unauthorized operations. In the case of external access, the solution provides a dual barrier system, which allows for remote access without having to open a port on the IS, combined with the advanced management of authorized sites and of the compliance of connection devices.
The IPdiva VDI Cleanroom solution is available now.

AppliDis Cloud Extender : Extend infrastructure capacity in just one click

When faced with the need to extend their infrastructure, organizations have several key requirements that must be met: sensitive data and applications must be continuously protected without exposure to the public cloud, costs must be reduced, which is a priority for 64 % of CIOs1, and users must have the same continuous quality of service in terms of access to work environments.
With AppliDis Cloud Extender, the French publisher is looking to provide a solution based on the best possible approach – the hybrid cloud. With this, sensitive data and the applications that manage them remain in a controlled and sealed private cloud environment, while less sensitive applications can benefit from the power and agility of the public cloud. AppliDis Cloud Extender provides an instant solution to the infrastructure needs of enterprises without any additional investment in terms of hardware and resources, and without any service interruptions.
With AppliDis Cloud Extender, a datacenter’s capacity can be extended in just a few clicks. Through the streamlined and centralized administration console, AppliDis customers can migrate their application servers – whatever their location – to the public cloud, be it Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google, or a local hosting provider. This ultra-fast migration also ensures the immediate deployment of all services, as well as users’ instant access to applications. The flexibility of the implementation aims to streamline the administration of application farms, further enhancing the administrator experience.
And since enterprises must ensure the security of critical data – and therefore control access to such – Systancia has also integrated IPdiva Secure technology into AppliDis Cloud Extender, guaranteeing a secure interconnection between public and private datacenters.
The AppliDis Cloud Extender solution will be available in version 6 of AppliDis, in the spring of 2018.

Products with SaaS model

During this keynote event, Systancia also unveiled a common axis for its three product lines, with SaaS versions being made available to customers and partners. The software vendor introduced prototypes in the fields of VDI, PAM, and SSO, firstly with an online, collaborative password vault SSO solution for password management and sharing in the cloud. Next, a user-friendly online solution that, without installation or configuration and via a web interface, allows for a service provider’s access to the IS to be granted with just one click, while enabling ongoing monitoring of its actions. And finally, a new feature for its AppliDis solution provides dynamic management of server resources in order to optimize access to apps, and to control infrastructure costs.
This rising star in the information systems security and virtualization market continues to differentiate itself from the crowd, with innovative products that proactively anticipate market needs.
1 IDC/Syntec study – January 2017