Avencis Hpliance becomes Systancia Identity, an identity and access management solution that simplifies your company’s life

Systancia, a recognized French software vendor in cybersecurity, virtualization and digital trust, releases Systancia Identity, an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that centralizes the management of employee identities and authorizations in any organization.

Systancia Identity is particularly useful for entity mergers. A study published by Tanium in April 2019 shows that 94% of French CIOs and CISOs admit that they make compromises in their security practices. This is mainly due to pressure, rapid integration and business imperatives. Companies are now demanding solutions that allow them to move quickly, but without compromising the security.

Systancia Identity is the most efficient solution on the market in terms of managing data concerning an organization’s employees: arrivals, transfers with changes in user rights, departures, badges, parking access cards, etc. In these situations, the administration delegation plays an essential role, allowing each entity to manage its own identities and authorizations. With Systancia Identity, you don’t need any special technical skills to manage daily access. The automation of tasks facilitates the human resources management on a daily basis.

Mergers and acquisitions, mergers of administrations, local authorities or hospitals: Systancia Identity, a solution designed for complex organizations

More and more business situations lead to mergers of entities and therefore, to a certain complexity in identities management: multi-organizations, people with multiple contracts, identity reconciliation, “identity vigilance.”

With this new solution, Systancia, which is now very present in the health sector, also meets the needs of Territorial Hospital Groups. If a doctor works for two or three hospitals, these different entities will each be able to define the rights assigned to the same doctor. Systancia Identity allows to centralize the identity management in a single software package that can be natively integrated.

There is no need to involve IT teams in the daily management of access or to develop any additional code.

Systancia Identity thus makes it possible to save one to two full-time equivalents within an organization with 2,000 employees. For a large company, it could represent a saving of 10 full-time equivalents.

Quick installation and easy appropriation that facilitates the human resources management on a daily basis

Systancia Identity avoids long development cycles, since the solution can be prepared through configuration. Systancia Identity also provides powerful authorization rule modeling, inspired by the so-called “orBAC” approach based on the organizational structure. The solution thus allows the project manager to structure and monitor his IAM project with an initial base that is quickly operational and sustainable as well as an incremental approach for the embedding of applications that does not compromise the existing base; a problem often encountered with the traditional “role-based” approach.

The authorization rules model designed by Systancia allows to take into account complex business situations and is very easy to use.

“The project approach proposed by Systancia, with an incremental implementation, was decisive. It has provided a real ease of implementation. A POC [Proof of Concept] allowed us to have an initial basis before really getting into the game. Moreover, the pro-activity and support of Systancia’s teams allow us to meet the deployment deadlines we have set for the solution,” explains Robert Erpelding, CIO of Argenteuil City Hall, who has just deployed Systancia Identity.

A suitable solution  for all business sectors

Systancia Identity is delivered with a smart and configurable provisioning and synchronization engine that allows the interconnection to upstream repositories (HR, telephony, etc.) and downstream repositories (directory, applications). The solution also allows a synchronization with account control. Thanks to this flexibility, the CIO is able to integrate both existing and future data.

Systancia is committed to leave no applications behind. Systancia Identity allows you to consolidate existing systems while maintaining the specific features of each entity,” explains Bernard Debauche, Chief Product Officer at Systancia.