The Rosetta Stone of Identity Management and Governance

IGA - The Rosetta Stone of Identity Management and Governance

Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) is commonly defined as a centralized orchestration, through the application of security policies, identity management and user access control to an information system. This is the foundation of IT security and regulatory compliance for companies. In other words, it consists in setting up a formal framework to ensure that the right people have access to the right information, at the right moment and for the time strictly necessary to accomplish their missions. It seems simple and easy and it really is, as long as reality doesn’t get too far from theory.

However, thanks to or rather because of the central role played by the IGA, administrators dedicated to this function often encounter difficulties in managing the high volume of requests from application teams that are essential to their daily activities: adding a new application or API connection, changing configurations, updating security components, etc. At the same time, teams in charge of managing “business” applications generally have little knowledge of IGA and often limited intervention capacities when it comes to configuring these applications. These constraints lead to prohibitive delays that directly impact the activity and agility of the company, not to mention the frustration of users who cannot accomplish their priority tasks.

Under these conditions, how can security teams focus on real value-added activities such as improving end-user security and productivity? How to delegate part of the administration to the teams in charge of managing business applications in order to allow them to quickly integrate the necessary evolutions?

Systancia Identity is the Rosette stone of IGA, the tool that allows teams speaking different languages to understand and collaborate. It is also the engine of digital business transformation that optimizes IGA processes to enable companies to maximize their potential. Systancia Identity increases the capabilities and value of the work provided by IGA teams so that they are able to be more efficient, respond more quickly to business demands and, as a result, facilitate and accelerate the widespread adoption of centralized identity services.

Systancia Identity provides the IGA and business teams with an exchange platform that allows them to be on the same “page” thanks to the following features and advantages:

A delegated administration mechanism that, through a user-friendly interface, transfers to secondary entities the ability to perform operations within limited organizational and functional scopes;

An orchestration engine that automates the administration and resource provisioning processes, controlled by the people in charge of these environments for whom the relevant approvals are requested when necessary;

A centralized monitoring system that records all accesses to ensure the traceability of operations and connections to different applications and resources. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to keep track of the configuration life cycle of the entire identity and authorization model and thus, to always be able to determine who did what, when and where, at any moment in the history of the IS.

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